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At Mint Laser Therapy and Skin Therapy Clinic, the sincerest form of praise comes to us in the form of testimonials from clients who have taken the time to express their appreciation for the amazing support service we have provided. The following represent just a small sampling of the many such letters and e-mails we have received.



I first heard of Laser Hair Removal from a friend of mine who works at a competing clinic (Not at Mint Laser), she wanted me to come for a treatment at her office but when I got there it was so expensive I couldn't afford it. I wanted laser hair removal so badly, I live and work downtown so I googled Laser Hair Clinic and found Mint. I was so happy with the way they treated me and it wasn't expensive at all. The room was a little cold and the tea they gave me wasn't hot, but the treatment worked like a charm. I am going again for my legs next week! Thank you so much and yes you can absolutley use this testimonial online.
Julia Cohen
Private Mint Laser Visit


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Mint Laser + Skin Care Clinic values it's clients and it's team of work hard professionals that ensure we are adding ongoing value to their daily lives. Here are some more nice things people have said about us:

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I decided to visit Mint Laser clinic for the Photo rejuvenation therapy that I saw offered on their website. I was totally skeptical as I had some pretty bad scarring due to acne, let me tell you this treatment is a miracle and it really works. I was told to think of one thing negative but i can't even think of one. Thank you so much I loved my visits.
Karen Gordon
Private Mint Laser Visit


I visited Mint for Microdermabrasion and I felt that it's offered everywhere now, I was happy to see that eveything was explained to me in detail and i was offered follow up services. I live close by the Liberty Village location so it's super convenient I am not a fussy girl when it comes to beauty but I only have one face so I like to take care of it. Mint was Mint!!
Simmy Applebaum
Private Mint Laser Visit


I googled Skin Tightening & Toning and found Mint Laser I was super impressed with the amount of knowledge and information they had posted online, so i visited to discuss my options after my pregnancy last year. I purchased a very affordable package and saw results immediatley thanks so much to the very helpful staff at Mint Laser! 
Krystin Smith
Private Mint Laser Visit


Mint Laser Clinic is by far my favorite personal splurge, not to expensive and very convenient locations with parking, I came in for Cellulite Reduction therapy and I have to admit I was so skeptical it hurt to show up for the appointment. I have had so many friends tell me this stuff is a scam, let me tell you it actually works and it's virtually pain free. I would highly recommend the wonderful staff at Bloor West Village they really helped me out a lot.
Jamie Bender
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Mint Client

2013-02-13 15:14:19

You are right Mary-Anny .I'm Mint client from the time Mint was open. Barbara was the best, to bad she is no longer at Mint She switch me from soprano to duet laser I got grate results and her hydro-facial was amassing. Very knowledgeable and professional. To bad I don't know where she is working now.....

Satisfied Client

2012-11-08 02:44:05

I have been a client of mint laser clinic for over a year now. I started with laser hair removal on a small area as I was skeptic about results. I've been treated with both there soprano laser which is relatively painless and the newer laser which does not use gel, feels a little more agressive, however is a lot faster. Ive recently purchased another package for other areas and I'm now addicted, i have confidence that I will soon have the results I've always dreamed of! Thanks mint for great service and even better RESULTS!

Great experience

2012-11-01 17:21:40

I had a wonderful experience here at Mint. The staff is super friendly and professional and they maintain an impressively clean atmosphere. I started a lazer treatment a few months ago and I am very happy with the results.

Barbara is wonderful

2012-09-20 01:46:25

I just received the second of six skin tightening treatments . I am thrilled that Barbara was the consultant/technician that administered it. Her knowledge and skills are extensive. The treatment this morning was far more intensive than the one I received last week; more generous in the time taken and in the area that was treated. I would very much like Barbara to administer the other 4 treatments that I have scheduled. She is the consummate professional. Mary-Anne


By: Lex82
2012-09-11 18:21:16

Amazing clinic and amazing staff. The results are phenomenal. Ive had laser treatments done before at other clinics but I cant stop raving about the phenomenal results I had with mint. I am also a huge fan of the hydrafacial. It is part of my skin regimen now and can't do without.

natalia kasanova

2012-06-01 17:03:28

ive been going to mint laser for 2 years now and i love it i will never go anywhere else the staff is amazing the spa is clean the treatments are great what more can you ask for ? yayyyyyy mint :)

beauty queen

2012-05-31 02:29:47

i love all the ladies of mint laser clinic, Sandy,Amanda,Shelley,and Stephanie they are very professional and are nothing but nice they make me feel welcome all the time,and provide amaxzing treatments :)ive been with every single one of them ..... everyone needs to find sdomething better to do with there lives than complain of something so little and stupid get a life these bad comments are ridiculous!!.... oh and dont forget about emily what a sweetheart!

Addicted to laser hair removal at mint

2012-05-29 23:21:13

I started going to Mint laser because I bought a groupon for full legs. I have been to another place for laser hair removal but this was a few years ago and technology must have really changed or something because it was so painful and I would cry every time I got it done. I was very apprehensive about ever doing laser hair removal again after my first experience, but with the groupon being such a good price and their soprano a laser system apparently pain free i decided to give it another shot; and I'm so happy I did! The first few sessions were pain free and as they turn up the intensity is hurts a bit but it totally bearable, especially given the results. I ended up buying packages for underarm, full arm, and will probably do more because they some times have sales. I have had two different technicians who were quite nice and professional. The only con is it is sometimes busy at reception,especially getting though by phone, but I have found that is usually the case anywhere that takes appointments, especially groupon places, and mint is pretty good. I see myself returning to mint until I am hairless haha.


By: ppeter1001
2012-05-29 19:52:40

I'm not sure why everyone is complaining, but I've been coming here for about 1 year and although I drive 30 min to get there - its really the best place I've ever been to!! Amanda and Emily are some of the nicest and most professional technicians I have ever met, and always deliver amazing, friendly, honest and great service!! Always with a smile too, which is always great! Keep it up, it's amazing service, the latest equipment and great treatments!!

loved my experience

2012-05-10 19:39:50

very professional, clean, and absolutely love the new girl they have working there named shelly, what a doll


2012-04-26 14:48:08

mint is clean friendly and great!

Great and Friendly service

2012-04-11 09:47:54

I came to Mint Laser clinic for a laser treatment that i purchased threw groupon, i am now going on my third session and each time I have been treated by Eve, she is so friendly and very professional. She really takes the time to treat properly and i never feel rushed, the results are amazing, i will defintely recommend this clinci to friends and family

Excellent Service

2012-04-04 16:45:31

The staff are skilled and very pleasant and professional. Amanda is superb.

Mint Laser Clinic

2012-04-02 12:33:01

very clean, stephanie is wonderful

Clean Clinic, Great Staff

2012-03-29 15:46:18

I had a hydrafacial last week, I was quickly greeted by the receptionist. The technician was very knowledgable and helpful. She assessed my skin and made me understand what she was doing and why it was beneficial to my skin. An overall great experience

very pleasant

2012-03-20 02:00:02

I had a bad experience with another company with a similar groupon...and was a bit nervous. I read one or two bad reviews...so was really nervous. But the worries were all unnecessary - They were very welcoming, friendlu and immediately put my worries at ease. The entire procedure was explained and very professional. Very knowledgeable and would def recommend them to others.

Happy with my results

2012-03-11 12:02:58

I had services by Stephanie and it has been by far an amazing experience! After treating my bikini and underarms I couldn't be happier! I've had great success with result! In saying all this, I do find the receptionist to be a bit unfriendly and overwhelmed. If it weren't for Stephanie it would be questionable if I would come back.

Professional and pleasant.

By: forthejoy
2012-02-25 14:18:03

Quick, professional and friendly service. Receptionist seemed a little unfriendly but everyone else was great!

accomodating and professional!

By: britonski
2011-09-17 20:26:06

My experience at Mint Laser clinic was excellent! I found out about them through groupon, and then forgot the groupon when i arrived for my appointment and even showed up at the completely wrong time! They were friendly, extremely accommodating and professional. I am happy to continue my hair-free journey with them!

Mint Laser Clinic

By: arahman
2011-06-19 09:55:40

The clinic was clean, comfortable and professional. I was very impressed with the service which was friendly and fast. Fantastic experience.

Great experience!!!

By: carla1
2011-06-06 22:30:16

A good friend of mine referred me to Mint Laser Clinic to get a treatment done and from the moment I walked in I loved the place. The ladies there are so friendly and professional and they did such a good job. Plus - it is SUPER CLEAN!!! 10/10!!

Great service!

2011-06-06 22:21:20

Great service!

Great experience- highly recommend!

By: jamesdubbeld
2011-05-28 12:25:45

I've been to a few other spas before but Mint blew them all away. The staff is helpful and friendly, the location is great, everything is clean, neat and sanitary. They make you feel comfortable as soon as you enter!


By: VC21
2011-05-18 21:01:43

I heard about Mint Laser Clinic and Skin Care through an e-mail by deal finder. They had a promotion on a facial and I thought I would try it out. A year later when I realized the voucher was going to expire, I called them and tried to book an appointment. The lady on the other end was very polite and informed me that because the expiration date was coming soon alot of people had also realized they had this voucher and there were no appointments available. She placed me on a waiting list, took down my information and told me if she hadn't called me by the 12th I should call back and see what she could do. To my suprise I got a phone call one morning for an opening but was unable to attend. The next day there was another cancellation and I was able to fit the facial into my schedule. Over all the girls at the Mint Laser Clinic and Skin Care were very kind and friendly to me, they did what they could to squeeze me in and I really appreciated that. They went above and beyond for me and showed me that customer service still exists. The place was relaxing, the facial was amazing and I couldn't of ask for anything better. You Ladies Rock!! Thank You! Vanessa C.


By: agch
2011-05-04 15:10:36

results are really great and what I didn't really believe before I tried - no pain at all! And it is so fast. Plus stuff and place are really nice. I definitelly recomand it!

Mint Laser Clinic and Skin Care

2011-04-29 10:49:59

I discovered Mint through Living Social. I was pleasantly surprised that the laser was truly painless as advertised. I would recommend this treatment.

Great Results

By: maria1
2011-04-28 20:01:01

I've always hated the my thighs- I don't even wear skirts in the summers anymore, so I have been looking for technology that would actually make a change on my cellulite, and I FINALLY FOUND IT!!! My boyfriend and bestfriend say it's gone. I just finished my package of 6 and will be continuing with my maintenance treatments next month. It was perfect timing for summer!

Amazing service! Amazing results!

By: atravassos
2011-04-14 18:40:14

I was a little bit apprehensive to go and get laser hair removal. I went for a consultation and all of my questions were answered and I was reassured that the staff there are full knowledgeable. On top of that, they are extremely friendly. I've gone for a few sessions and have had amazing results. I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends and family.

Amazing service! Amazing results!

By: atravassos
2011-04-14 18:40:14

I was a little bit apprehensive to go and get laser hair removal. I went for a consultation and all of my questions were answered and I was reassured that the staff there are full knowledgeable. On top of that, they are extremely friendly. I've gone for a few sessions and have had amazing results. I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends and family.


2011-03-25 21:12:34

I was highly impressed with Florencia's knowledge and friendly demeanour. At Mint, you are instantly aware that the staff is genuinely interested in making the cliental happy. Providing effective, pain-free, reasonably priced treatments and great customer service are clear objectives. In October of 2010, I signed up for one service and was so happy with the results that I have purchased 3 other services since.


2011-03-15 23:43:32

Florencia puts a lot of effort into making her clients feel comfortable. Very attentive, great service.

Ms. Angela Ceci

2011-03-15 12:59:07

My experience was awesome!


2011-03-13 22:03:22

Clean environment. Welcoming receptionist. Professional staff. Exceptional service.

Very Freindly Staff

By: carla1
2011-03-13 20:18:45

They are friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. The laser hair removal packages are affordable, safe and it is true, virtually pain free. I highly recommend Mint Laser Clinic.

Great hair removal clinic

2011-03-11 16:56:15

Lovely, relaxing and clean venue. Personable clinicians providing services at reasonable prices with great results. Definitely recommend.



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